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Equine Style Meme by RoyalHeather Equine Style Meme by RoyalHeather
Original was from *Diikae but I found it through *silverglass19

My Own Style:The horse is Monster, who belongs to OC Morkhan. He's supposed to be "as black as sin and about as ugly." He's also all scarred up from his adventures with Morkhan, and he has a nasty temper.
I'd love to see what PETA would make of him.
Realism: I try.
Chibi: Meh. Is not so good.
My Little Pony: Monster is not happy you have forced this indignity on him. Not happy AT ALL.
The Last Unicorn: *equine facepalm*
Pegasus from Hercules: Now this is cool. I like the mohawk especially.
*silverglass19's style: I really liked her bacabello horses. I suppose Monster is a Black Rouge Bacabello.
Khan from Mulan: That is the ugliest horse I have ever seen. Ever.
Elmer Horse Statue: Strike that.
Bullseye from Toy Story 2: Frankenstein's horse.
Altivo from The Road to El Dorado: He looks like a cow.
Me as a Five-Year-Old's Style: I'm sorry, I'm new to DA, so I didn't really know anyone else's style to choose. But yes, I once drew horses like this.
Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron: That...doesn't look like Spirit.
Pablo Picasso's Style: I cheated. Again. Sorry. And yes, I've been told several times it's too "normal" to be Picasso.
Horseland: It's hard to tell, but he's rolling his eyes.
Family Guy horse: I haven't watched a whole lot of Family Guy, but I think he would get along well with Brian. Or Stewie.
Gratuitous Morkhan and Monster: Yep, he plays tag. With a 1700 lb, 21 hh stallion.
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August 10, 2010
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